New Resident Services


Most of the necessary information to get you started off right are located on this page. Should you need further assistance, you may contact City Hall at 210-658-9900. All of the following information is also provided in a complete Welcome Packet (PDF) which may be picked up at:
City Hall
200 S Main
Cibolo, TX 78108


To determine if the community you are located in is provided water from the City of Cibolo, call us at 210-658-9900.

Most subdivisions receive water, sewer, garbage and recycling. To apply, you must fill out the Utilities Application (PDF). You can bring or mail the form to City Hall along with your deposit. Make sure you apply at least one working day prior to needing services set up.

Any area that does not receive water from the City of Cibolo receives water from Green Valley Special Utility District. If you are one of those residents, you must submit the application to the city first and then you will receive a certificate, signed by a representative of the city to take to Green Valley.


As a new resident, you will pay the city average for sewer. The meter readings from November 15 through February 15 each year will determine your sewer charge for the next twelve months. If your water is obtained from Green Valley, the readings will be provided to us by them.


Your bill will also include the fee for garbage and recycling collection. Garbage will be collected twice weekly for the months of June, July, August, and September. Recycling remains once weekly. To determine your collection day, Contact City Hall at 210-658-9900.

Please set your garbage out by 7 a.m. so as not to get passed over. Do not place rocks or dirt in garbage cart. You may make special arrangements with garbage contractor to do a special charge pickup.

Bulk pickup is available for residents every regular trash day. You may schedule a pickup every 60 days. Please visit the Garbage and Recycle page to schedule a pick up.


A complete list of recyclables is available in the Welcome Packet and may be obtained at:
City Hall
200 S Main
Cibolo, TX 78108


Should you decide to build, remodel or do any type of construction to your home, be advised you may need a city issued permit before you begin. If you are using a contractor, the contractor must contact the city to see if he needs to obtain a permit. More details can be obtained by contacting 210-658-4175.


City ordinance requires pets to have rabies shots and be registered with the city. These may be obtained from the Police Department. More information on number of pets, bite reports, registration or other animal control information can be obtained by calling Police Department at 210-659-1999 or Animal Control at 210-658-4175

Electric, Telephone and Cable Utilities

Guadalupe Valley Electric Cooperative or GVEC provides electricity for most of the city, with a few areas being provided by CPS Energy. Telephone, Cable, and Internet services are provided by several different companies in our area.

Senior Living Services

Senior Guidance is a website that provides helpful information and links to services available for seniors living in Texas, outlined by state programs. This link also provides easy access to assisted living facilities in every city, town, and county in Texas. The link below is a guide about technology that helps seniors live on their own more independently. Please visit the Senior Smart Home Guide.