Municipal Court

Citations & Appearances

If you were issued a citation by a Cibolo Police Officer, you are scheduled to appear on the date stated on your citation.

Please allow five business days after receiving your citation before contacting the court to discuss your options to resolve this matter.

Note: Your signature on the ticket is not a plea of guilty, but a promise to appear. You have the right to appear in court and contest the charge filed against you and you have the right to a jury trial.

Alternatives to the Full Payment of Fines

We urge you to contact the Court if you are unable to pay the amount owed without undue hardship to yourself or your dependents.

You may request a hearing before a Judge to consider your ability to pay and request any non-monetary compliance options available to you.

You should be prepared to explain and document your financial situation to the Court.


The Cibolo Municipal Court is the first level of the judiciary. The Municipal Court has jurisdiction over State law and City ordinances, class "C" misdemeanor violations, punishable by fine only, that occur within the territorial limits of the City of Cibolo.

Charges filed in the Municipal Court may be filed by the following:

  • Citizens
  • City fire, code enforcement, and animal control officers
  • Parks and wildlife officials
  • State, county, and local police officers

Note: The Cibolo Municipal Court does not provide legal advice. For legal advice, please contact an attorney.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Municipal Court is to provide fair, equal, and impartial justice under the laws of the State of Texas and to process cases efficiently and in a timely manner. In addition, it is this court's mission to provide a courteous and professional environment responding to all persons who come in contact with the Cibolo Municipal Court.

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