Development Tools

We look forward to the growth that developments within the commercial and residential fields can bring.


Please be aware of the dates on the calendars are subject to change. If in the case a change in zoning is requested, this is the timeline. A timeline shows when to expect comments on submittals, and when submittals will go on to the Planning and Zoning Committee and City Council. If a variance is requested these are the meeting dates.

Quick Development Reference Tools

What staff expects to see and receive when plans are submitted.

Due to the 2019 legislative update and per UDC Sections 2.4(D), 20.3.3(1)(l) and 20.3.5(1)(j) all platting will follow the City of Cibolo Platting Guide.

Applicant is encourage to seek a Pre-Development Meeting Request Form during the early design stages of a project prior to official submittal.