Codes & Ordinances

Unified Development Code (UDC) Cover

Unified Development Code

Unified Development Code (UDC): Is a comprehensive ordinance containing nearly all regulations related to the physical development of a piece of property.

2021 Unified Development Code (PDF) (effective July 27, 2021)

2021 Unified Development Code (PDF) (effective April 27, 2021)

2018 Unified Development Code (PDF)

Ordinance Number 1233 (PDF) (Comprehensive update and adoption of Article 11)

Amendments to current UDC:

Ordinance 1261 - UDC Block Design Modification;

Ordinance 1262 - ETJ Lots connecting to City utilities (water/sewer) require petition for annexation;

Ordinance 1324 - removal of Planned Unit Development (PUD) Districts;

Ordinance 1325 - creation of two (2) commercial zonings, C-2R and C-3R, as restrictive alcohol sales Districts;

2019 Legislative Update to development codes - June 11, 2019 City Council Meeting Presentation Item 10B

Due to the 2019 legislative update and per UDC Sections 2.4(D), 20.3.3(1)(l) and 20.3.5(1)(j) all platting will follow the City of Cibolo Platting Guide.

Applicant is encourage to seek a pre-development meeting during the early design stages of a project prior to official submittal.

Design Construction Manual

Design Construction Manual (DCM): Is designated to assist the public with the policies and regulations that apply to land development within the City of Cibolo. The provisions contained herein relate primarily to the requirements which apply to the review and approval of site development plans and plats, and construction in accordance with those plans.



All Ordinances passed by the City of Cibolo are intended to provide and maintain the public's safety, health, morals, and general welfare. The City of Cibolo has enjoyed the new growth that has come to our area, in moving forward with development, The city has some requirements that need to be followed to help preserve our city.