The Economic Development Corporation promotes economic development and businesses in the City of Cibolo. The Cibolo Economic Development Corporation (CEDC) is a non-profit corporation created in 2007 by the citizens of Cibolo, under Chapters 501-505 of the Texas Local Government Code. The code allows for the imposition of local sales and use tax dedicated to economic development. The CEDC funds its operation and activities with a quarter-cent sales tax. Chapter 505 allows for the creation of Type B corporations to give communities an opportunity yo undertake a project for quality of life improvements, including economic development projects that will attract and retain primary employers.

The CEDC may use money raised by this sales tax for a wide variety of projects including land, buildings, equipment, facilities, expenditures and improvements related to projects defined in Chapter 505, Sub-chapter D of the Texas Local Government Code or found by the Board of Directors to be a required or suitable for use for the promotion of new or expanded business.