Solicitor Conduct

While we would hope that persons engaged in a business would conduct themselves in a professional manner, we recognize that conflicts do occur. A solicitor who comes to your door and has been permitted by the City should have an identification card issued by the City or their licensing authority, visibly displayed for you to see. If they do not, then you should ask them to see it. If they are unable to provide an identification card you should call the Police Department at 210-619-1274 and report the activity.

Your Rights

You are not required to engage in a discussion with a solicitor or to answer your door if you choose not to do so. The ordinance prohibits a solicitor from approaching your residence from any area other than the front/primary entry.

If you do choose to speak with a solicitor and determine you are not interested, you are free to ask them to leave your property. If the solicitor refuses to leave then you should close your door and call the Police Department at 210-619-1274. Failure to leave after being given notice to depart could result in a trespassing violation.

For More Information

If you have any questions or concerns regarding solicitors please call the administrative offices of the Police Department at 210-659-1999 or send us an email.