Where does our water come from?

Canyon Regional Water Authorities Water Treatment Plant (WTP) is responsible for providing a safe and consistent supply of drinking water to the citizens of several cities and water supply companies, including City of Cibolo and Green Valley SUD. The water is supplied from Lake Dunlap and a series of wells located in Wilson County. The city currently has a contract with the CRWA for Approximately 5000 acre feet per year, with the plant rated at 14.4 million gallons per day.

The water is pulled from the lake through an intake structure and pump station, sent to an ultra-filtration process treatment plant, disinfected and pumped to storage tanks. It is then delivered to Cibolo through a series of pipelines into our tanks, a 14+ mile journey. We have a total of 3.75 million gallons in elevated storage and 2 million gallons in ground storage.

The City of Cibolo has an excellent long-range water supply and distribution capacity. As a supplier of drinking water, the city must provide water that meets federal and state standards. As a consumer, you have the right to know if your water meets those standards.

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