What is the Unified Development Code (UDC)?

The Unified Development Code (UDC) is a document of all consolidated development related regulations including, but not limited to, subdivision regulations, design standards and zoning requirements;

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1. Who do I contact to find out how to develop my property?
2. What is the Unified Development Code (UDC)?
3. Where do I find land use regulations?
4. Where can I find applicable fees for a Plat submittal?
5. Where do I find the requirements of a complete Plat submittal?
6. Are there instances in which platting is not required?
7. What is the typical review time of my submitted subdivision Plat?
8. Who is qualified to prepare my required Plat and is there a list of Engineers and Surveyors the City uses?
9. How should I request a new address for new construction development?
10. Is there a pre-application process prior to the official submittal for my project?
11. Who issues “official” addresses in the city of Cibolo limits and within the ETJ?
12. Does the city of Cibolo have a tree preservation ordinance?