Do you have a list of common plan review discrepancies?

Please reference UDC in regard to below items:

Exterior Design Requirements – Article 8.3

Landscaping and Irrigation – Article 17

Parking Requirements – Article 10

Detention/Retention, Water, Wastewater – Article 19

Lot Design Standards – Article 14

Environmental Performance Standards – Article 7

Fencing and Screening – Article 8

All Site Plans shall include General Notes as stipulated within UDC Article 12.3.2(E)

Complete Site Plan Cover Sheet Information regarding the project.  This may be placed on the cover page of Civil Plans or as a standalone PDF document

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1. How can I find out if my property is within the City Limits?
2. How do I know if my house is in the floodplain?
3. What is a plat?
4. When is a plat not required?
5. How do I get a plat prepared?
6. What is the Unified Development Code (UDC)?
7. Where do I find land use regulations?
8. What construction codes are currently enforced in Cibolo?
9. Where and how do I apply for a Site Development Permit?
10. Where can I find applicable fees for a Civil Site Plan submittal?
11. Does the City charge Impact Fees, if so where can I find information?
12. Where do I find the requirements of a Civil Site Plan submittal and Civil Plan Set?
13. Does the City have a Request for Review Form for applicable Utilities and which party should submit for Site Plan approval?
14. What is the typical review time of the Civil Plan Phase of a Site Plan?
15. Where can I find site signage information?
16. If the design is unable to meet all Development and/or Building codes, what are my options?
17. Do you have a list of common plan review discrepancies?