Can I burn brush or tree limbs? Is there a burn ban?

This is called a “controlled burn” and yes you may as long as the county has not issued a “burn ban”. There are control burn rules which is general for everyone (Outdoor Burning Rule, Title 30, Texas Administrative Code, Sections 111.201-221 for the general public.) You may obtain a free of charge permit for the on-site burning of residential and agricultural yard brush and tree limbs, garden debris, and waste plant growth only. You can apply for the permit by calling or stopping by Station #1 204 Loop 539 West 210- 858- 3296 or Fire Station #2 3864 Cibolo Valley Drive 210-858-3290. A site inspection is performed before permits are issued to ensure the proposed burn is in a safe location with a source of water. To check the latest burn ban information, call the Guadalupe County Fire Marshal’s office at 830-303-8856.

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21. Can I burn brush or tree limbs? Is there a burn ban?