Do I need a permit to build a shed in my backyard?
Yes. If building the shed yourself, a permit must be obtained. Following are requirements for submittal (include, but may not be limited to):
• Miscellaneous Permit Application (available at City Hall or on the City website)
• Site plan showing the proposed location (see setback requirements below)
• Site-Built sheds require detailed frame drawings and elevations (what the shed will look like).
• Indicate whether the shed is on a slab, blocks or piers (permanent) or is portable
(transportable, moveable, not attached to the ground)

If the shed is 100 square feet or less and is portable:
• No permit required
• Setback requirements will still apply.
• If placed on a concrete slab, a permit and inspection for the concrete slab will be required.
(Inspection will be done before any concrete is poured)

If you are hiring a contractor to build the shed, the contractor must apply for the permit.

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