What are you going to do about the flooding and drainage problems in my area?

When an area develops, the City requires a developer to design and construct a drainage system that cannot release more water from the new development than was released before the construction. In order to satisfy this requirement, most developers construct detention ponds that hold water and allow it  to  release  slowly  and/or absorb  into  the  soil.  With all development, commercial and residential, the City will enforce FEMA and the City Floodplain Regulations. Improvements to drainage ditches in the public right-of-way may also be required of a developer to accommodate drainage

If located in the ETJ, drainage and flooding issues should be reported with Guadalupe County. All drainage maintenance is the responsibility of the County unless in Cibolo City limits.

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5. What are you going to do about the flooding and drainage problems in my area?
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