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Basura Bash 2023 Liability Form

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  2. Basura Bash 2023 
    Release of Liability

  3. I understand that being a participant in the Basura Bash of the City of Cibolo, and do hereby agree to assume the risks attendant to such activity, to include property damage and physical injury from such service, and do hereby release and hold harmless the City of Cibolo, it’s agents and employees in both their public and private capacities from any and all liability, claims, suits, demands and causes of action which may arise. 

    I, the undersigned, release and authorize the use of any photographs taken of the participants below for the purpose of advertising and related materials.

  4. It is further agreed that if the participant is a minor, I, the parent or guardian, authorize the City of Cibolo agents and employees to obtain emergency medical treatment for the participant should a need arise.

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