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Cibolo Downtown Market Days Application Form

  1. **All Correspondence will take place via email.
  2. Ex. (210)555-5555
  3. Is this a non-profit organization?*
    **If yes, must include documentation to verify.
  4. Will you need electricity?*
    **Limited electrical booths are available. No generators allowed except for food trucks.
  5. (Please read booth regulations for items that aren't permitted)
  6. Arrival/Setup Time
  7. Arrival/setup is from 7:00-8:15 AM. After 8:15 AM drop-off is not allowed and vendors must park at City Hall. Booths must be ready for patrons by 9:00 AM
  8. Vendor’s Agreement/Checklist :
  9. • Release & Indemnification Agreement has been read
  10. • Booth regulations and rules have been read
  11. • Your booth must remain intact for the duration of the event.
  12. • No booth fees will be refunded for any reason
  13. Number of non electrical booths x $40
  14. Number of electrical booths x $45
  15. **If your application is accepted, you will be sent a link for payment. Once payment has been received you will then receive confirmation, your assigned booth number, and a map.
  16. Please contact Kelly Craighead ( with any questions. Office Phone: 210-619-0063
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