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Chipper Service

  1. The City offers a chipper service for residents who have trimmed their own trees. Service is on the first Tuesday of the month for all those north of Borgfeld, or the last Tuesday of the month for those south of Borgfeld. Service will be limited to one trailer load, no longer than 14 feet, no more than 6 feet high, and no more than 10 feet wide per household. Limb diameter must be 6 inches or less. This service is for tree branches only, no bushes or shrubs. Branches must be curb side for pick up. The deadline for submittals is 5:00pm the FRIDAY prior to the Tuesday service. Residents who used a tree-trimming or lawn service companies to trim their trees are not eligible for Chipper Service. **Please Note: Cedar Trees, Christmas Trees, and Palm Tree/ Palm Fronds are NOT ELIGIBLE for pick up, When the submittal deadline falls on a holiday, the submittal deadline will be moved to the BUSINESS DAY BEFORE at noon** Beginning January 2019, a $20.00 fee will be assessed on your Utility Bill for chipper service. Please Note: This service is only for Residential Properties, Commercial properties may not use the Chipper Service.

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