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Before Hiring a Contractor

  • Contact City staff or visit the Cibolo City website to know the required paperwork, permits, and inspections. Additional information pages and FAQs are available for reference.
  • You can schedule an optional pre-design meeting with City staff. Depending on the project, they will review what is needed in the construction process. The contractor/designer is welcome to attend this meeting.
  • Interview several contractors and compare several quotes before making a decision on who to hire.
  • Investigate contractors - ask for references of prior projects. Contact  Dun & Bradstreet / Better Business Bureau.
  • Ask factual questions to the City of Cibolo on their work within the City. Examples: How many similar jobs have the contractor done in the City limits? Has the contractor ever not finished a job in Cibolo?  Did the contractor submit all required paperwork to Cibolo staff (i.e. registration, permits).
  • Get a written contract outlining the scope of work in detail, along with the costs and payment plan.
  • Make sure the contract clearly states the responsibility of both the owner and contractor.
  • Do not pay in full upfront.  Pay only for completed (approved) work. Make sure the payment schedule is documented in the contract.
  • Upon completion of work, make the final agreed-upon payment.