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Building Permits & Inspections

Our Mission is to protect lives, health, and property while enforcing the adopted codes and ordinances within our community. 

Apply for a Permit
Click the MGO link above to apply for permits!

Permit & Inspections
  • Create a Login - Go to the MGO connect portal above and click on the "New Account" button on the top. Make sure you use a valid phone number you have access to verify your account, as you will receive a verification call.
  • Application / Permit Lookup - You must register through MGO Connect before applying for a permit. Applying for your permit before you are registered will only delay the process. To register, please visit Contractor Registration, select the contractor type, and fill in the information.
  • MGO support hotline: 985-851-0760, or you can send them an email here.

Inspection Times
Building inspections are performed Monday - Friday, 8 AM - 5 PM. You can request a 30-minute call ahead while scheduling inspections by stating in the portal "Call-Ahead" and leaving your contact number in the Inspection Notes. 

Fire Inspections are performed Tuesdays and Fridays, 8 AM - 5 PM.  

Building Inspectors contact: (210) 240-0897

Attention Home Owners!
All new homes built in Cibolo are now required to have foundation elevation measurements taken and submitted to the City by the builder. These measurements can be used as a baseline at a later date to assess suspected foundation movement and settling. You can request this information by submitting an Open Records Request.

Cibolo Ordinance no. 1410 - Foundation Inspections:
 Elevation measurements shall be used to determine and verify accurate foundation floor elevations. Elevation measurements shall be submitted to the City's Building Department as a post-pour inspection to be verified by City Staff. To achieve this, provide measurements of exterior foundation elevations at no less than the foundation corners, with “corners” being defined as all exterior offsets.

Responsibilities of the Building Department 

  • Issue required permits
  • Review building plans for compliance with Cibolo's adopted building and fire codes.
  • Process contractor registrations.
  • Perform required building and fire (new construction) inspections
  • Maintain department records
Additional Resources
This page will also provide you with access to counter handouts, and permit applications. If you do not find what you are looking for, please contact us at 210-658-4175.

Pet Licensing and Home Alarm Permits are handled through the Cibolo Police Department.