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As of September 29, 2023, new bid opportunities will no longer appear on this page.  All new opportunities for bids or proposals will be posted on our e-bidding system.  You can access that bidding system by clicking HERE.

Bidders Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of the bidder/proponent to read all documents contained in the specifications carefully and follow the directions in the packet. Bidders/proponents are responsible for the timely submission of their bid/proposal.

Bidders/proponents are responsible for reporting any errors or omissions, in writing, to the Finance Department, or the Design Professional Firm responsible for issuing the bidding documents.

Contents of Bid or Proposal Document
Each packet contains at the minimum:

  • Bid/Proposal forms
  • Instructions to bidders/proponents
  • The name and/or number of the bid or proposal
  • Time and date on which the bid or proposal is due
  • Plans
Technical specifications are distributed by our contracted engineer.

Bidding Requirements
The City is required, under Local Government Code, to obtain public bids for goods and services that meet or exceed predetermined cost thresholds. A formal, publicly advertised bid is required when the acquisition of goods or services can reasonably be anticipated to meet or exceed $50,000. Formal bids may also be required for lessor amounts at the discretion of the City Manager.

The City is further required to obtain written quotes for any product and material purchases in excess of $3,000.
Engineering/Architectural Design Services
Technical & Communication Services
City Attorney Services
RFP #24-140-01 City Attorney Services

RFP #24-140-01 City Attorney Services

The City of Cibolo (the “City”) is soliciting sealed Requests for Proposals (RFP) from Individual Attorneys or Attorneys appointed by a firm to provide City Attorney Services. The successful firm will need to demonstrate it has the qualifications to perform the scope of services and the ability to work collaboratively with CITY staff and elected officials in performing the requested services.

RFP #24-140-01 City Attorney Services
Addendum 1 - RFP City Attorney Service #24-140-01