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Health Inspections

Unannounced Inspections

The City of Cibolo now conducts unannounced inspections of Food Establishments from one to three times a year, depending on the classification (level of risk) of the establishment. The level of risk will be based on the size and scope of food processing operations and population being served.

The inspector checks for compliance in food handling, food temperatures, personal hygiene and vermin control to name a few. Each violation of a regulation earns a certain number of points. At the end of the inspection, the inspector totals the points, and this number is the restaurant's inspection score - the lower the score the better the grade.

Compliance Score

Score Demerits Grade
Excellent 0 - 10 demerits Grade A
Good 11 - 20 demerits Grade B
Acceptable 21 - 29 demerits Grade C
Poor 29 or more Failed

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