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What is Zoning?
Zoning is the practice of classifying areas and properties to allow for specific uses. With Council direction and a Committee of several residents, the City moved forward with the an update of Zoning Ordinance and Zoning Map. By doing so, The City of Cibolo will be able to create a tax base, promote smart growth, and protect our great neighborhoods! See Zoning Map
How can I get more information about the City of Cibolo Zoning process?
Please browse our Easy Zoning Guide or contact the Planning Department. Easy Zoning Guide
How can I find out if my property is within the City Limits?
You may have a Cibolo mailing address but not actually reside in the corporate city limits of the City of Cibolo. If you would like to view the city limits or E.T.J (extraterritorial jurisdiction) on a map, please visit the online maps section. See City Limits Map
How do I know if my house is in the floodplain?
To determine if your home is in a floodplain go to The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) website or contact Cibolo Planning and Zoning staff members.

FEMA's National Flood Hazard Map
What is a plat?
A plat is the official map of an addition or subdivision, showing the number and dimensions of lots, public rights-of-way, and easements. The plat must be filed with the County Clerk after the City has approved it.
When is a plat not required?
According to the Texas Local Government Code, the platting process is required unless all of the following conditions are met: The division results in parcels of land that each contain an area greater than five (5) acres. Each parcel has access to a public street and no public improvement is being dedicated.
How do I get a plat prepared?
You will need to hire a Registered Professional Land Surveyor (RPLS). A licensed professional engineer will also be needed if public infrastructure will be required. You can locate a professional engineer or surveyor by contacting the Texas Society of Professional Engineers or the Texas Surveyor's Association or by looking in your local phone directory.