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Drainage Division

The Drainage Division's mission is to provide good work ethic with common sense, loyalty, unity and a desire for excellence.

The Public Works Drainage Department is responsible for maintaining the City of Cibolo’s stormwater infrastructures and engineering improvement projects to help reduce local flooding during rain events. This division provides the implementation of the City's Stormwater Management Plan and Municipal Separate Storm System (MS4) permit requirements. The team is responsible for the maintenance of 800-plus acres of drainage retention ponds, green belts, and bar ditches, which also includes maintaining inlets, outfalls, and culvers for the safety of the community. In collaboration with the Cibolo Police Department and the Cibolo Fire Department,  the team is considered First Responders as they oftentimes respond to and assist with all weather emergencies as well as fires and traffic accidents. During heavy rain events, the Low Water Crossing map is updated with information on road closures throughout the City.

The City hosts bi-annual clean-up events to provide residents with a safe way to dispose of unwanted household items. These events are hosted in the Spring and Fall at the City Hall parking lot. 

Street Sweeper Services
Street Sweeper services operate on a bi-monthly schedule for all streets within the city limits.  With approximately 400 miles of curbs and gutters, our priority is to help with the removal of trash, debris, and other forms of pollutants from reaching creeks, streams, and rivers.
Arrows-GrayCity of Cibolo Street Sweeper Schedule*
*Note: Please allow the Street Sweeper to complete its route up until Friday of the week you are scheduled.

Report a Concern
To report a concern, including drainage maintenance, graffiti, and illegal dumping, please complete and submit a SeeClickFix request.