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Streets Division

The Streets Division's mission is to maintain and repair the City of Cibolo’s transportation infrastructure by safely and professionally meeting our objectives while working as a team with each other and the community.


The Public Works Streets Division strives to maintain the best possible road infrastructure for the City of Cibolo.  The Streets Division is currently staffed with 15 team members.  The Division's objective includes the repair  and maintenance of road surfaces, right-of-way safety, mowing right-of-way frontage, school zone safety devices, sidewalks, traffic control signs and traffic signals. This department also maintains the decorative lights along Main Street.

The Streets Division performs the following types of maintenance and repairs of streets within the City's limits.  The Streets Division does not perform maintenance on TxDOT highways or Guadalupe County owned roads.

  • Pothole Repairs:  The area we are repairing will have its loose material removed, tack coat applied to the surface and repair material to grade will be compacted to conform to the existing roadway surface using a roller.
  • Blade Level-Up:  This work consists of applying hot mix asphalt to smooth roadway and removing rutting.  Blade Level-Up is required when a pavement section is holding water due to shifting subgrade.  Completion of the work ensures that water drains properly as standing water has a negative impact to a pavement section over time.
  • Base Repairs:  This type of work covers a larger area than pothole repairs.  The area is saw-cut, followed by the removal of loose asphalt pavement and base material.  A tack coat is applied to the surfaces of the area and repair material to grade is place in lifts of no more than 4" deep.  The base repair is then finished to grade and compacted to conform to the existing roadway surface using a roller.
  • Mill and Overlays: We mill 2" or 3" of existing pavement and place a layer of hot mix asphalt pavement to restore the street to its original shape and ride.  We also perform overlay repairs where we mill the existing asphalt to level surface and asphalt overlay.
  • Chips Seals and Limited Overlays: In an effort to waterproof the existing surface of a street and increase skid resistance, we apply a chip seal.  We first spray a thin layer of asphalt over the pavement, and next we apply a thin layer of small aggregate followed by a thin hot-mix asphalt pavement overlay.
  • Crack Sealing:  We crack seal in order to prevent moisture from entering into the pavement.  We first clean and seal the cracks with an asphalt sealant.  The result looks like a dark spider web on top of the pavement.
  • Reconstruction of Roadways:  When a pavement section has deteriorated or has shifted and/or is holding water, we must reconstruct it.  This includes replacing concrete curbs and fixing drainage issues.


The Streets Division provides for the maintenance of our City traffic signals and the school zone flashing signals.  

Guadalupe Valley Electric Cooperative (GVEC) maintains the majority of the street lights in the City of Cibolo; their contact number is (800) 223-4832.  The Streets Division maintains the black decorative light poles on Main Street (SeeClickFix). CPS Energy maintains the street lights in the Lantana Subdivision and Cibolo Crossing (Santikos shopping area); their contact number is (210) 353-2222.  

If you have a concern about local traffic that you believe is adversely affecting a neighborhood, you may follow the procedures to make a written request as detailed in our Residential Traffic Management Policy. 

The Public Works Department and City Engineer will review any requests, meet with the resident or homeowners association and evaluate the request to determine if further study is necessary.

If you have a concern about overgrown vegetation in the right-of-way within the City's limits, TxDOT and County roads excluded, please complete a SeeClickFix form on our website to submit your concern.