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Animal Shelter Advisory Committee

This committee meets at least 3 times annually, or more frequently as circumstances dictate. For dates and times visit Agendas & Minutes.

Members are appointed by City Council for two year terms and the committee consists of five members of which, in accord with the requirements of state law, there must be at least: 

  • One citizen who resides within the city limits of Cibolo
  • One licensed veterinarian
  • One municipal official
  • One person whose duties include the daily operation of an animal shelter
  • One representative from an animal welfare organization

The same person shall not be appointed to fulfill more than one of the required memberships. The licensed veterinarian, representative who operates an animal shelter and the representative of the animal welfare organization need not reside within the city limits.

To assist the City of Cibolo Animal Shelter in complying with the requirements of Tex. Health and Safety Code Ch. 823. The committee will review and recommend procedures for the care and maintenance of the animal shelter facilities and impounded animals to ensure compliance with state law; and periodically review the city's animal control ordinances and make recommendations for revisions thereof.

Member  Term Expiration
Odulia Ashby 02/14/2026
Debbie Pruitt 12/13/2025
Janette Wilson 08/08/2026
Brooke Knowlton 06/09/2026
Kristin Griffiths 06/09/2026
Councilwoman Katie Cunningham 12/14/2024