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Capital Improvement Advisory Committee

This committee meets monthly, or more frequently as circumstances dictate. For dates and times visit Agendas & Minutes.

Members are appointed by City Council for two-year terms. Members shall be limited to appointment for not more than two complete successive terms. The committee consists of ten members of which, one member of the Planning and Zoning Commission and one member of the Economic Development Corporation will serve as two of the ten members. One member shall be a resident of the City's extraterritorial jurisdiction. The remaining seven members will be appointed by council members to represent their district. 

Not less than 40% of the membership must be representatives of the real estate, development, or building industries who are not employees of the officials of the City or any other political subdivision or governmental entity. This committee has a Chairman and a Vice Chairman.

Advise and assist the City in adopting land use assumptions, review the capital improvement plan and file written comments, monitor, and evaluate the implementation of the capital improvement plan, file semiannual reports with respect to the CIP, advise the City of the need to revise plans and fees, advise the City Council in all matters pertaining to the plan for establishing a 5-year Capital Improvements Program, provide a written report for the Program then review the plan annually.

Member Term Expiration
Robert Roberson 10/13/2023
Kara Heasley 12/08/2023
Alberta Ramirez 01/26/2024
Jeffrey Oyer 01/26/2024
John Frias 01/26/2024
Marcus Mattingly 01/26/2024
Paul Peek 03/28/2026