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Master Plan Advisory Committee

This committee's meetings shall be held at least monthly or held as needed. For dates and times visit Agendas & Minutes

Master Plan Advisory Committee is to be composed of no more than twelve members. One member of the Planning & Zoning Commission, Parks & Recreation Committee, and the Economic Development Corporation will be appointed by council to serve as three of the twelve members. Each council member will appoint one member from their district to serve on this committee and the mayor will appoint a person from the city to serve making sure that the citizen chosen has the special knowledge, skills, or information that Council may deem to be beneficial to this Committee. The remaining member appointed by council will be from the ETJ. City Council may appoint two members of the City Council to serve on this committee in an advisory capacity. Members shall be qualified voters and residents of the City, with no more than one member from the City’s ETJ. Members are appointed to serve until the completion of the project or for no longer than one year whichever is longer.

To represent broad community interest; Provide consensus-based direction and feedback to staff and consultant team throughout the planning process; Model community consensus and encourage others to participate, particularly among neighborhood, civic and business organizations which members may represent; Review the current Comprehensive Plan every five (5) years to evaluate its effectiveness; Provide a recommendation to the political subdivision.

Member  Term Expiration
Cody Hicks 03/14/2026
Marcus Mattingly - EDC Representative 12/14/2024
Judy Womack - Historic Representative 3/14/2026
Mark Schupp - ETJ Representative 3/14/2026
Malcolm MacLauchlan 2/28/2026
Carole Herr 2/22/2025
Shane Merillat 2/22/2025
Ashley Zimmerman 4/26/2025
Kara Latimer 2/22/2025
Christi Ellard 5/10/2025
Claudia Walker 12/13/2025