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Parks & Recreation Commission


This commission meets the first Wednesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. unless lack of agenda items allows for a meeting not to be held.


Commission members shall be qualified voters of the City of Cibolo and shall be appointed to serve 2-year terms. Members wishing to serve an additional term must re-submit an application. Re-appointment is not guaranteed. The commission is to be composed of seven members and two alternates. Council will try to have an individual from each district represented on the Commission. Alternates may not participate in the meeting or vote unless sitting in place of an absent regular member.


To recommend to the City Council the establishment of a systemized program of parks, recreation, and playgrounds to be made available to residents and visitors of the City. The Commission shall advise the City Council on matters pertaining to parks and recreation facilities including neighborhood, regional parks, and greenbelts.

Member Term Expiration
Cody Hicks 12/13/2024
Angela Dodd 08/08/2024
David Zawicki 06/11/2023
Andrew Benigno 06/08/2023
Tiffany Bruce 10/12/2023
Danny White 10/12/2023
Linda Tudyk 12/13/2024
Yvette Hubbard 12/13/2024