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City Secretary

The city secretary is appointed by the City Council. Responsibilities include:

  • Giving notice of all public meetings of the City Council, commissions, boards, and commissions in a manner consistent with the Cibolo Charter and state law
  • Attending all public meetings
  • Keeping the minutes of the proceedings of all public official meetings and hearings in a manner prescribed by the City Council and consistent with state law
  • Acting as custodian of all official records of the city
  • Holding and maintaining the city seal and affixing the seal to all appropriate documents
  • Overseeing a records management program for the city that provides for the identification, maintenance, retention, security, disposition, and preservation of all city records
  • Scheduling and overseeing all city elections in accordance with the Texas Election Code
  • Processing all request for public information
  • Giving notice to newspaper of all notices of public hearings
  • City Secretary's Office maintains the schedule for the football and baseball fields.
  • Works with YMCA on events at the Multi-Event Center
  • Heads up both the Cibolofest and City Holiday Parade