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City of Cibolo Receives Certificate of Distinction


CIBOLO, TX – The Government of Treasurers’ Organization of Texas (GTOT) recognized the City of Cibolo with a Certificate of Distinction for the City’s Investment Policy.

The certificate was awarded to the City of Cibolo for developing an investment policy that meets the Public Funds Investment Act requirements and the standards for prudent public investing established by the GTOT.

“Members of the Review Committee congratulate the City of Cibolo for its commitment to maintaining a comprehensive written investment policy that meets the criteria set forth in the GTOT Investment Policy Review Checklist.” – Patrick Shinkle, GTOT Investment Policy Review Committee.

According to their website, the program’s purpose is to assist in developing investment policies suitable for public funds that fully comply with the Texas Public Funds Investment Act (PFIA). GTOT’s Investment Policy Committee provides professional guidance in developing an investment policy and recognizes outstanding examples of written policies. A Certificate of Distinction is awarded for those policies that meet the established criteria. So far this year, the GTOT has recognized ten entities in Texas. The City of Cibolo is the only one in the Metrocom area to receive this recognition for its high standards in policy.

We developed individual strategies to manage and invest available funds with the primary objectives that include preservation and safety of principal, maintenance of adequate liquidity, promotion of public trust, and the attainment of risk-appropriate yield to ensure that we are good stewards of our taxpayers’ dollars.” –Wayne Reed, City Manager, City of Cibolo.

To view the City of Cibolo’s financial documents and investment reports, please visit

GTOT Certification of Investment Policy