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Kelsee Jordan Lee, Planning and Economic Development Director, and the City of Cibolo will be honored by ICMA, the International City/County Management Association, as the recipient of the organization’s Early Career Leadership Award. ICMA’s Early Career Leadership Award, in memory of William H. Hansell Jr., recognizes an outstanding early-career local government professional who has demonstrated leadership, competency, and commitment to local government as a profession. These recipients set the standard for innovation, effectiveness, and creativity in the cities, towns, counties, and academic institutions they lead. As the recipient of ICMA’s Early Career Leadership Award, Kelsee Jordan Lee will be honored in various platforms, including ICMA’s Annual Conference, September 30 - October 4, 2023.

“I’m extremely proud of the accomplishment of Kelsee Jordan Lee being recognized by ICMA with the Early Career Leadership Award. Kelsee exemplifies the professionals that the City of Cibolo is attracting at this time. She is building her skill set, she is changing the way we do business, and she is fostering partnerships and relationships with our businesses, residents, and elected officials so that we do become the high-performing organization that Cibolo strives to be. I’m looking forward to Kelsee’s continued leadership as Director of both our Economic Development and Planning Departments.” – Wayne Reed, City of Cibolo City Manager.

The ICMA Local Government Excellence Awards Program highlights creative contributions to professional local government management while demonstrating the difference that effective and committed management makes to the quality of life in our communities. Through her strategic vision and diligent efforts, Kelsee successfully recruited Aisin Texas Corporation (formerly AW Texas) and H-E-B for the City of Cibolo. These significant economic development achievements have brought new job opportunities and investment to the city. Additionally, Kelsee played a crucial role in securing the establishment of an E-Commerce Fulfillment Center, further bolstering the local economy. Her leadership has led to the noteworthy accomplishment of the Economic Development Corporation’s (EDC) first land acquisition. This achievement demonstrates Kelsee's commitment to fostering growth and prosperity in the City of Cibolo.

Overall, Kelsee's tenure and successful leadership as the Director of the Economic Development Department, along with her recent responsibilities leading the Planning Department, have showcased her dedication and effectiveness in driving economic growth and securing important developments for the city.

“Kelsee works very hard to develop Cibolo into a thriving city included within the IH-35 corridor between San Antonio and Austin. This area is booming, and Kelsee is making sure opportunities aren’t passing us by. I look forward to working closely with her, the Economic Development Corporation, and the Economic Development Department to further develop leads and introduce exciting new business opportunities for Cibolo!” – Mark Allen, Mayor, City of Cibolo.

Kelsee Jordan Lee_Director of Planning and Economic Development