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Animal Control

The largest part of the Animal Service Officer's job is enforcement. The City of Cibolo has a number of ordinances pertaining to animals. Ordinances address dogs and cats running at large, excessive number of animals, unreasonably noisy animals, livestock/ fowl, and dangerous animals. Animal Services enforces city ordinances as well as County, State, and Federal animal-related regulations. See municipal code Chapter 10 for further information.

Bite Investigations
Animal bites involving domestic animals (canine, feline, ferret) to humans and/or animals to high-risk wildlife (raccoon, bat, skunk, fox, coyote). Domestic animal to domestic animal will be investigated for violations only. Our Animal Services Officers are the Local Rabies Control authority and can mandate quarantine of any animal involved in a bite.

To file a report with Cibolo Animal Services, please complete the Animal Bite Report.

Cruelty/ Welfare Investigations
Cruelty is the improper care and keeping of any domestic animal or livestock, including but not limited to lack of food, water, shelter, and medical treatment when needed to prevent suffering.

Deceased Animal Removal
Animal Services provides deceased animal removal on public property and city-maintained roadways. For animal removal on state-maintained roadways, contact the Texas Department of Transportation. Removal on private property is the responsibility of the owner or resident.