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Educational Animal Topics

Staying Informed
Do you know what it takes to be a good pet owner? Do you know what the City and State laws are for keeping animals? It is Animal Control's goal to help educate the public about animals in our community. Having a community that is informed about animal topics helps us all.

National Statistics
The National Veterinary Medicine Association states as of 2012, 68% of the United States population owns at least one pet. Of the 68%, 36.5% are canine owners, 30.4% are feline owners (two cats on average per residence), with the remainder being small mammals, birds, fish, horses, and reptiles.

Local Statistics
The population of Cibolo is approximately 30,000 as of 2018. Based on the national average, Animal Services estimates the pet population to be approximately 12,000 animals. The population grows at approximately 1,200 residents per year, which emphasizes the importance of following local and state laws in regard to animal ownership.

For More Information
If you have any questions, please contact Animal Services at 210-659-4851.