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Pet Services

Pet Registration & Microchipping
By ordinance, any canine or feline that is more than four months of age is required to have a current rabies vaccination and to have a microchip implanted.  The cost of the microchip is $15 and includes registration.  If the animal is current on rabies and already has a microchip implanted, there is no cost, but proof of the rabies vaccination and microchip number is required for registrationRegistration must be renewed whenever the rabies vaccination expires, so records can be verified as correct and updated as needed.  Registration and microchipping can be performed in person at the Cibolo Animal Services facility. All pets should wear a current rabies tag at all times. Please consult with your veterinarian for full details of vaccination requirements.

Pet Reunification
Life is unpredictable, and sometimes, beloved companions go missing. Our mission is to facilitate the swift reunion of lost pets with their families. Please report lost or found pets using our See, Click, Fix site and provide details, including location, photo, and contact information. An Animal Services Officer will be in contact with you to help reunite you with your pet.

Found Animals
If an animal is found, report a description of the animal along with their location by contacting Cibolo Animal Services, and for your safety, please avoid picking up or handling the animal. If a finder chooses to pick up an animal, the finder accepts the responsibility to properly house and care for the animal until placement is found, which may not be immediate but would be addressed as soon as possible. Picking up an unknown animal also poses health and safety risks that our officers are prepared for! Report found animals directly on the See, Click, Fix portal.