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Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement SectorsThe mission of the Code Enforcement Department is to improve the quality of life for our community through clear education and communication, by providing responsive, consistent, and unbiased code enforcement.

The Code Enforcement Division provides education and enforcement and develops resources in response to a wide range of issues that affect the environment, health, safety, property values, and the general well-being of our community. Some of these issues include junk/oversized vehicles, overgrown vegetation, environmental hazards, property maintenance, dangerous structures, and permit compliance. 

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The Code Enforcement workflow outlines an 8-step process for handling reported violations:

  1. Violation Report: Resident reports violation.
  2. Code Officer Assignment: A Code Officer is assigned to the case.
  3. Inspection: An inspection is conducted within three business days.
  4. Notice Issuance: If a violation is found, a door hanger or Notice of Violation (NOV) is issued.
  5. Remediation Period: Resident/owner is provided time to remedy the violation.
  6. Reinspection: Another inspection is conducted.
  7. Closure or Final Notice: If compliant, the case is closed. If non-compliant, a final notice is issued.
  8. Final Reinspection: Another inspection occurs. If compliant, the case is closed. If non-compliant, a citation is issued, and a court hearing may follow.