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Paying A Citation

Accepted Methods of Payment

  • Cashier checks
  • MasterCard, Visa, and Discover credit cards (3% services fee will be added)
  • Money orders
  • Personal checks (no temporary checks or payment of warrants will be accepted)
We will NO LONGER accept cash payments as of March 1, 2023

Note: If you pay your citation it will be reported as a conviction. Payment of fines, except for persons under 17 years of age or under 21 for alcohol related offenses, is accepted by mail.

Alternatives to the Full Payment of Fines

We urge you to contact the Court if you are unable to pay the amount owed without undue hardship to yourself or your dependents.

You may request a hearing before a Judge to consider your ability to pay and request any non-monetary compliance options available to you.

You should be prepared to explain and document your financial situation to the Court.

Associated Fines & Fees

The amount of the fine assessed by the court is determined by the facts and circumstances of the case.

Type of Violation Maximum Fine
Traffic violations (in most cases) $200
State law and city ordinance violations $500
Fire safety, health, zoning, and sanitation ordinance violations $2,000

Parking in Handicap Zone Fines Community Service
First offense $500 - $750 n/a
Second offense $550 - $800 10 hours
Third offense $550 - $800 20-30 hours
Fourth offense $800 - $1,100 50 hours
Subsequent offenses $1,250 50 hours

In addition to a fine, courts are required by laws of the State of Texas to collect court costs and fees. Because costs vary for different offenses, check with the court for the amount of court costs that will be assessed for the violation you are charged.

Note: If you do not pay your fine on or before the date on your citation or appear in court, an additional charge of failure to appear will be filed against you and a warrant will be issued for your arrest.

Driver's Responsibility Program

If you were issued a citation for a traffic offense, visit the Texas Department of Public Safety website for information on the Driver's Responsibility Program and how it will affect your driving record and privileges.

Convictions for moving violations are reported to the Texas Department of Public Safety.