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Division & Functions


The Cibolo Police Department is made up of 58 employees, 40 of which are law enforcement officers, who are dedicated to improving the lives of the citizens of the City of Cibolo by reducing crime and making Cibolo the safest place to live in the United States. The City of Cibolo enjoys the lowest crime rate in the Metrocom area, and the Police Department strives to maintain this ranking even through the rapid growth which has occurred within our community. The Police Department practices a community-oriented philosophy to form partnerships with citizens and community organizations in an effort to enhance the quality of life within our community. 

Cibolo Police Department Organizational Chart

Specialized functions of the Cibolo Police Department: 
Arrows-Light BlueAdministration
Arrows BlueAnimal Services
Arrows-Light BlueCriminal Investigations
Arrows BluePatrol Division
Arrows-Light BlueProfessional Standards
Arrows BlueRecords
Arrows-Light BlueSpecialized Functions