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Crime Prevention Inspections

The Residential Crime Prevention Inspection Program is intended to help homeowners reduce their insurance premiums by qualifying for a Texas Home Security Credit. There is no guarantee of a reduction in premium. Contact your insurance provider to see if they offer the reduction.

Any homeowner may request a Residential Crime Prevention Inspection of their residence by completing the form below or contacting the Cibolo Police Department Crime Prevention Unit. A Crime Prevention Specialist will perform a security evaluation. This inspection is at no cost to Cibolo residents.

Before submitting an inspection request be sure you have fully read the requirements below and comply with them. Not doing so will result in an inspection failure. For questions, send us an email.

How It Works
An initial appointment takes about 45 to 60 minutes depending on the size of the residence. The homeowner is given a verbal list of the deficiencies as required to pass the inspection.

A follow up with a detailed, printed report is then made for a later date in which the officer goes through not only the pass/fail requirements, but several crime prevention tips for both exterior and interior areas of the home. Discount codes and product demos are a part of this presentation. Based on resident Q and A, the follow up takes 15 to 30 minutes. If the deficiencies are corrected, a passing report can be issued at this time.

Commercial Crime Prevention Survey
The Commercial Crime Prevention Survey Program is intended to help business owners make their property and building more crime resistant. Either an oral survey or written survey can be requested. The written survey takes approximately three weeks to complete. Contact the Crime Prevention Unit by email or 210-659-1999 to request a survey. This survey is at no cost to Cibolo businesses.

Crime Prevention Tips & Documents