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Sex Offender Residency Restrictions

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In April 2010, the Cibolo City Council adopted ordinance 924 which established residency restrictions for sex offenders who committed crimes against child victims. The ordinance was a proactive measure to help secure our community and protect children from sexual predators.

The ordinance prohibits certain sex offenders from residing within 2000 feet of places children gather, such as parks, day care facilities, schools, public pools and other areas. In addition the ordinance prohibits sex offenders who committed crimes against children from entering a city park or for loitering within 300 feet of a park.

Background Checks
The ordinance also requires a homeowner or property manager to conduct a background check on any potential renter to ensure they are not a convicted sex offender. A search of the Texas Department of Public Safety sex offender database is sufficient to satisfy this requirement. If the renter is listed in the registry then the property owner is prohibited from renting to the person.

Offenders who resided in the city prior to the adoption of the ordinance are grand-fathered and are not affected by the ordinance.

Rejected Offenders
Since 2010, the Cibolo Police Department has turned away more than 10 sex offenders, who committed crimes against children, and attempted to establish residency within the City of Cibolo.

An interactive map is available for viewing which is regularly updated.

Full Ordinance
The full text of the ordinance is available on the Ordinance 924 page.