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Victim Services

The Cibolo Police Department's Victim Assistance Program strives to have a positive impact in providing appropriate responses to the needs of all crime victims to lessen the short and long-term trauma experienced as a direct result of victimization. In addition, one of the many goals of the program will be to aid the victims through the criminal justice process.

The Victim Assistance Program is a part of the Criminal Investigations Division.

The following services are free-of-charge and available to innocent victims of crime through the Cibolo Police Department Victim Assistance Program:

  • Emotional support for victims and families
  • Assistance with Safety Planning and Emergency Protective Orders
  • Referrals for long-term counseling, legal assistance, shelters, community resources and local financial aid
  • Advocacy for victims rights and services on the local and state level
  • Assistance in making arrangements or appointments following a violent crime
  • Assistance in filing for victims compensation through the State Attorney General's