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Water Districts
The City is served by two water districts; the City of Cibolo and Green Valley Special Utility District (GVSUD). To find out the water district that covers your area, contact the Utility Administration Department.

Water Conservation
The City of Cibolo currently receives its drinking water from the Canyon Regional Water Authority. The water they process and deliver to us comes from two sources, the Guadalupe River and the Carrizo Aquifer. These two sources are substantially more drought resistant than the Edwards Aquifer, where San Antonio produces a majority of their drinking water.

All City of Cibolo water customers are encouraged to read our drought contingency plan, which includes our water conservation rules. It is important to note that our water usage rules and restrictions are not set by the City of San Antonio or SAWS and can differ significantly from theirs during periods of reduced rainfall.

For residents that receive their water service from the City of Cibolo Utilities Department, the City upholds these Year Round Water Conservation Measures (PDF). If your water service comes from GVSUD, please visit for information on water conservation measures in their district.

Adjustment Requests
We know leaks happen! Once you have had the leak repaired, you can request a leak adjustment on the high bill. Please be aware the adjustment is not a full forgiveness of the high water cost; this process discounts the consumption charge. The City requires the household consumption to return to normal before the adjustment process can be completed, which may take up to two (2) billing cycles. While you wait for the adjustment, we request you make a payment of a recent undisputed bill amount. Your account will be exempt from penalties and disconnections during the waiting period; however, you may receive a notice of a past-due balance while a total is held on your account.

Current Leak Adjustment Policy

To request an adjustment, please complete a Leak Adjustment Form and bring to City Hall with any receipts from repair.

To request a winter average adjustment due to a leak, please complete the Winter Average Adjustment Form and return to City Hall with any receipts from repair.